Saturday, April 3, 2010

stand up, lay down, stand up, lay down, stand up, lay down....OMG!

I was too tired to write last night, so since I am taking the night off of exercising, I will spend a little time writing.
I think I am developing a Love-Hate relationship with exercise. Granted, I have only done it 3 times in the past year, but those 3 times have been this week. I genuinely hate working out, as I have previously mentioned, but I absolutely love when its over! I love how I feel when I am done exercising, and I love how much better I sleep when I exercise.

My body hurts - my legs are especially sore. I felt like all I did last night with my work out was stand up and lay down a thousand times! From one legged pushups. Every other exercise I was on the ground. From being in plank positing and trying to do the "run" (keeping your hands on the floor, you switch your legs back and forth - one foot moves towards your head while the other goes backwards- like you are running, but you go nowhere) What the hell! I think I did two - and then just watched the people on the dvd do it. I think I actually burned calories by watching them! I did what felt like was hundreds of lunges - even though it was probably only 20 on each side.
Between the lunges, I had to get on the floor and do "banana and superman" - roll from your back to your front and keep your legs lifted up the entire time and your head/chest/shoulders lifted as well.

At one point, although I don't remember what it was for, I told to tv to "shut the hell up!" and started laughing pretty hard. I wish I could remember, because I'm sure it would be funny for everyone to read. Regardless - I just stood there and laughed at the tv, because i thought that that particular exercise was way to ambitious for me to handle.

HAHA! I remember, I Remember! - its called the Dreya Roll. You start standing up - then sit on your but, roll backwards on to your shoulders and and stay there for a few seconds while your legs are perfectly straight in the air, THEN roll your self back up and jump off the ground from a sitting position. Yeah, they (the people on the dvd) all did 20 or 30 of those. hahah. I couldn't even do 1. usually - it take me a lot more to get my ass off the group - let alone jump from a sitting position. Amazing. Its funny now, but soon enough I will be able to do this...

On a different note, my milk expired 3 days ago - and I didn't realize this until yesterday. I was never much of a milk drinker, but I have always been a big "go by the date" person. I would always check the milk cartons at my grandparents house in Camp Verde - and get freaked out when it was 2 or 3 weeks old - but since they froze their milk and then thawed it out a few weeks later - they always said it was okay. "um...but the date is really old" So, I drank the milk yesterday - but i just couldn't bring myself to drink it today - so I missed out on my protein shakes today. I actually didn't do very well with my 5 meals.
I only had applesauce for breakfast, then i had asparagus and a hard boiled egg for lunch. Then I went to Johnny Rockets for dinner with the fam. I ordered a chicken sandwich. Let me tell you something - without the bread, that sandwich is pathetic! a small piece of chicken, 2 shreds of lettuce and a tomato. Needless to say, I make much better chicken than the $7.99 chicken that johnny rockets makes!

I did manage to get in a lot of 'physical' work around the house. Dishes are done, Lawn is weed-eded, mowed and watered, the back yard is finally empty of boxes, stuff has been moved into storage...and my laundry is done.

Tomorrow -after the Easter festivities of an egg hunt and hangin with the family, I'll be working out - I think its the YOGA workout - which from what I remember from the summer is one of the hardest dvd's of the bunch. Wish me luck!!


  1. Well I'm very proud of u love... keep up the great work I'm behind u all the way..

  2. All the best luck to you Jamie!!!! You're doing great by just putting in the effort! =)

  3. That's great Jamie!! Can I be the annoying vegan? Maybe think about starting to make your protein shakes with soy milk. Drinking a glass of cow milk has the same saturated fat and cholesterol as drinking five slices of bacon. Plus the animal protein actually makes you pee out more calcium than you are taking in. America is one of the very few countries in the world that has osteoporosis and that is because we are one of the few countries that drinks milk. You get a MUCH better calcium balance from just eating veggies than from drinking milk. The milk companies have never been able to prove in a single study that drinking milk is good for your calcium intake, have been sued several times for claiming that in their commercials, but have enough money to keep saying it because it sells more milk. :) Okay, I'm done.

  4. She is right...I like almond milk even better. We are the only species that A. drinks another species milk and B. drinks it well after the point of the growth spurt we need right after birth. Milk is nasty tasting...but I do love cheese : ) That's the hard part for me to give up.

    And, I can't wait for you to do the a studio is even better because it is so zen and relaxing.

  5. Becky and Julie - I am definitely not opposed to switching to soy milk.I appreciate the information - definitely not annoying, actually incredibly informative. And only because I am cheap - I will wait until I finish this gallon of milk before I switch. I actually used to drink the 'silk' brand of soy milk. Becky, is that what you use?