Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Holy P90X, oh how you make my legs hurt and my body sweat!

Being new to this whole working out thing, I dont think that I can do it every day. Actually, that's such a lie! The real truth is that i don't want to over-do the exercising, and then just quit and regain the weight that I have lost. So, last night, I didn't do any exercising. Instead I spent the evening catching up with my best friend. It was highly necessary and incredibly refreshing!

So, tonight I stared at the treadmill for about 10 minutes. Seriously, 10 minutes, how ridiculous is that?! I could have been walking on the treadmill during that time. But I did realize why I dont care much for the treadmill: It take you nowhere! You do all of this walking and you end up staying in the same damn spot! At least if I go hiking, I can turn around and see where I have come from and see how far I have to go back and it matters none to me about the amount of time. Anyway, since I could just pick up and go hiking at 7:30PM, I came to a decision that I should start my P90X video's and try that again.

Oh boy! I changed into sweats and a sweatshirt (my doc said that if I want to sweat more to wear that since I have a large amount of water weight) I found my DVD's and tonight I started with "Cardio"

I understand that P90X isn't for the uber beginning people, and while I am new to really working out again, its not my first time working out and I am relatively strong and have a sufficient amount of muscle. So, I pressed play and was ready to workout!
There were only a few times that I said to the Television set, "Are you Freakin kidding me?!"

The workout started with some Yoga. hahah! Upward Dog, Plank, Warrior, Reverse Warrior and more. I did pretty decent with those the first couple times, but each time I had to keep going back to upward dog and Plank, it really tuckered me out. I take everything at my own pace, and dont try to keep up with the people on TV. After all the Yoga stuff, I went into kick boxing stuff. That wasn't too bad, although my legs are totally feeling it now. Between that and the jumping, squatting, and pretending like I am jumping over gigantic tires, my legs are going to be so sore tomorrow!
The end of the workout, i had to do Banana and Superman - rolling back and forth on my stomach keeping my arms and legs in the air.


I'm motivated to do better with this. I'm motivated for the next time I do this specific workout that I will be able to do it better.
I wont do this one for at least a week - and hopefully I will have lost more weight and therefor making it easier to roll on the ground and get up and down, up and down, and do all of this yoga stuff.

Thats it for tonight. I weigh in on my own scale on Monday. I am looking forward to seeing my progress.
Good night all!


  1. I am really proud of you. Not just for making the step to lose the weight but for being so open about it because it's motivating me. OK- it's starting the little bug inside that will motivate me. So much of what you say is exactly how I feel. I wish you lived closer and I wasn't so freaking busy and we could work out together more. Because I really really really hate it too. I hate the gym for the same reason and I'm afraid to get back on my wii fit cause I don't feel like having my little cartoon self gain the weight I already did too. OK- sorry for babling in your blog- hope we can hang soon! BTW- it's Jenn Bock.

  2. Ohmg! GO Jamie! <3
    I so tried the P90X But i didn't like it. So i Just found a different workout program. and im currently using that. its hard, but im happy that you're doing so well! I'll be here cheering you on MS.!!! =D

  3. You crack me up...Get this baby outta me and we can do it together..we can laugh, roll around, do some of that yoga this and yoga that..and maybe I too can shed some weight..considering I am on my 3rd kids and at the same weight I was when I had Andrew...LOVERLY...ITS ON SISTER!!

    you have 2 more months and I am invading your living room...I think we should video tape it..People might get a kick out of that too...OH gosh...can you imagine...