Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First Come The Robbers, Then Come The Cops.

So, as many of you may have read, my new house was robbed today - sometime between 6:30am and 11:30am. I went home for lunch today just as I do most days. Tried to open the front door, but the 'extra' lock on the door was locked from the INSIDE! At first I got freaked out - then I looked in the window and everything looked normal. So then I thought, "well shit, did that extra lock slide down somehow on its own??"

I called mom and told her I was locked out of my house - perplexed as much as I was, she said she would come over and unlock the side gate. As I was waiting, I looked inside the window again and noticed that one of the end table drawers was open. I knew for a fact that I didn't leave that open before I left, so I knew at that moment that someone had broken into my new home.
Once my mom got to my house, we tried to unlock the side gates by standing on chairs -but we just simply weren't tall enough and neither of us has the ability to jump fences. We noticed that the alley gate was perched open and the lock was missing. Also the pool fence was open and a towel was laid across it Damn it!
My mom drove around the alley and went through the back gate - where she found out that my house had in fact been broken into. They took a hand shovel and smashed a hole into the sliding glass door. The cops took about 10-15 minutes to get there. They made us wait outside while they made sure the house was clear. They dusted for prints but couldn't find anything conclusive. My guess is its because they used a towel to cover their hands - and a branch from a tree outside to sift through drawers, which they so kindly left for me in my bedroom. The cops didn't really say much, in fact the only thing they had to say was that I was really lucky.

They went through the kitchen cupboards, through my office desk drawers, and ransacked my bedroom. As far as I could tell, nothing in the baby's room was touched. So, what did they take? They found the safe in my bedroom closet - which by the way is broken and EMPTY! and they took a jar full of change. Oh, and the best part - they left a pair of my underwear hanging from the ceiling fan in my bedroom. What the hell?! really? (that got us to laugh quite a bit actually) But really, that's it - as far as 'things' go.

I can tell you this - I am angry, really damn angry. They took my sense of security in my new home.
The house I just moved out of was robbed after I had lived there for about 6 months where they took way more stuff with that robbery including computers, money, and jewelry. It is simply one of the worst feelings... Knowing that someone was so desperate and all they can do with their time is rob houses and go through your belongings. That is just pathetic. Having the feeling of having to check all the doors and windows every time you come home is rather obnoxious...

I am so thankful that my daughter and I were not home when this happened. I am thankful that the only thing that was broken was the sliding glass door (which that and all of the windows are scheduled to be replaced tomorrow) I am thankful that they didn't ruin my furniture, or anything for that matter. But I still reserve the right to be angry and to be scared. I do fear that they will come back. I fear that they will come back when I am home - or worse when I am home with my daughter.

I don't want to live in fear, which at this point, I am unsure of how to accomplish this. I appreciate everyone's concern, but I can assure you that a pitty party is not what I need. Perhaps someone to come over and spend the night and hang out with me all the time would be great. Everything will take time - and I know that I will be a stronger and better person because of this.

Actually, I just ordered a kick ass wireless alarm system which will be installed ASAP. Every window and door will be alarmed along with motion detectors in 3 places.

So, to who ever robbed my house: Fuck You Asshole(s)

On a side note, I have yet to do my yoga. I wanted to do that tonight, but quite frankly, its not going to happen tonight. Damn it!

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