Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer is Here, Summer is already over?

Picture Taken July 30, 2010
It seems that my summer has come and gone all in the blink of an eye!
I am both happy and sad about this...
Sad - Well, its summer and its already over! I did manage to go on 2 small vacations, though.
Happy - Its time to get my ass back on a schedule. I haven't really been following my 'diet' and I feel like crap. I haven't been drinking much water and I have been eating at restaurants and eating whatever I felt like. Good news, however, is that I did not gain any weight during this process, but I did manage to maintain my weight.  When my life is on a schedule, I do things so much better. So, tomorrow starts my schedule.
I went grocery shopping and my fridge is filled with Fresh Fruit, Veggies, Water, and Propel Water.
I am starting my healthy way of eating again and I couldn't be more excited about it.

What's even more exciting is that my work schedule was built the way I asked and I actually have time in the mornings to go to the gym and work out every morning!! How exciting! 5 days a week I will be working out!

My blog is short for today. Good thoughts are appreciated!

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